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Anonyme asked: hi! what inspired you to write "o.k."? because the lyrics kind of confuse me. and maybe you could go into the meaning too? thanks! also, your music makes me feel very content inside. ok bye.

last summer, two young muslim brothers attended a learning center/day camp where i worked as a teaching assistant. very cool, very intelligent kids. taught me a lot about myself and about how receptive children are to the environment people create for them.

1. in the context of a grading system: satisfactory - not the exact answer i was looking for, but it works just as well.

2. in the context of my lifestyle and values: not entirely in agreement with islam, but i work just as well.

Anonyme asked: Did you ever have any formal vocal training?

nah chill


tomorrow, july 4th, marks the first day of summer tour for crying and told slant! i feel both unprepared and eager to ride into the blazing fire. the following is a selection of my favorite tracks by each of the artists playing the kickoff show minus us // plus this old diner house song just for fun *edit: hold up forget that last bit i can’t find the estepunk track, but if i could, it’d be here … lol

1. First Love / Late Spring
2. I Was Small
3. Australia
4. Until I Open My Wings
5. Sleep In
6. In A Frosty Pass
7. Acid Tooth

whether you are able to come through or not, please take a moment to explore these tracks. you might find something you really, truly like! i take for granted how special it feels to play shows with bands whose music and people i admire so this is going to be a nice one i can tell.


If a girl goes to a party and no one has a crush on her did she even go at all?

The other day, I did something that I think was sexy. I bought black socks from Payless.

Elaizorb, after I told her about buying lingerie (via hardcockforhitchcock)

*bogo’d! o.k. let me tell u it is a rare occasion to find me shopping at a store esp. for clothes, but i needed socks and it was bogo, y’all. 40% of my decision was influenced by the opportunity to say i bogo’d.

edit: bogo is not my thing it was ryan’s thing but payless is a key ingredient in my time here at rego park anyway i hate internet presence and presence ! just wanted to let you know about my experience that’s all

Slacktivist Fan Entitlement Is Slowly Killing Punk


June 13, 2014
by Paul Blest

catching up with the Web here is an important read take a moment to reflect on your attitudes towards the community and lifestyle you think you advocate but might actually neglect

muttsammers asked: someone at my work had a "forever bad" shirt on last night n i thought of you

what a comfort to know there are things that will call me to mind !

a tender feeling one familiar flavor colors to a memory and framework for that which has yet to come are you there going back to a place you swore you’ve seen before laughed in before but really this is just the first time this is it the real good shit you’d be a fool to save for later if you don’t already know

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sliver of wisdom from a non-certified distributor of advice: become your crush. if you can’t be with them for xyz terms and conditions, become them in all the positive qualities and essences for which you admire them in the first place + then if you want to have fun, succeed them. enjoy!